Lantek Expert is the nesting and cutting programming module of DEFCAR system.   
Lantek Expert is 100% compatible with the major oxicutting machines in the market.

Automatic and Manual Nesting
LANTEK EXPERT makes the nesting of the pieces automatically or manually, and later it programs the joint for being cut by the machine.

The options of manual nesting permit in a few time to position in the plates the pieces  to be cut. With the automatic nesting you only have to select the pieces, the quantity, the minimum separation between them and  the plate formats you wish to overlap them so that the system disposes the pieces automatically.

There is a perfect optimum combination between automatic nesting and powerful functions of manual nesting. These functions, along with the high speed of the nesting, achieves an optimum efficiency in the plates to be cut.


DataBase management  
The user manages the pieces database (generated with DFestruc  module) selecting the pieces that will be grouped in joints helped by filters from the database: same thickness, steel quality, block, etc.  


  • Automatic and manual nesting of the pieces
  • Nesting of many different pieces. 
  • Nesting of numerous plates. 
  • Store management (pieces and plates). 
  • High productivity. You will only have to introduce the number of pieces you want to setup and the program will obtain the best way. 
  • Remmant reuse. 
  • Multitorch management. 
  • Versions for local networking
Rapid piece management  
Lantek Expert has functions so that the user himself can parameter all those repetitive figures, and this will allow later their pieces to be drawn by just selecting the figure and introducing the parameters that define it.  

Material control  
The system generates important information for the production and costs calculation. The user can adapt the form and the content of the print-outs for adjusting to their requirements.  

Easy use  
This module is designed to reduce to the minimum the learning/training time, using easy and friendly menus that make possible to start the production from the very fisrt day. The system is available for working in autonomous mode or installed in a local network.  

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