1. Equipment Modeller

· Geometrical equipment definition based on 3D primitives.
· Data assignment for any equipment; weight, centre of gravity, model, manufacturer, distributor, etc...
· Definition of intelligent points in equipment:
· Inlet and outlet connections: position, direction, type, ending...
· Foundation points
· Import/export of the equipment geometry from/to any other program that supports IGES files
· Listings of properties.

2. Pipes and Outfitting Design

· Full integration in DEFCAR's database.
· Positioning and orientation of equipment interactively as well as by means of co-ordinates.
· Label with properties from any selected element (parts, equipment, pipes, ...)
· Definition and edition of auxiliary lines (copy and paste)
· Material lists (equipment, accessories and pipes) with all their properties.
· Intelligent definition and modification of pipes routing.
· Automatic or interactive specification assignment
· Code definition of each element
· Grouping of elements in different sub-levels (i.e. circuit, block ...)
· Details insertion
· DXF Drawings export.

3. Collision control

· Detection of collisions between different piping components and hull structure.
· Interactive and batch detection
· Different options when collision detection: element edition, structure modification, ignore, etc...
· Lists and description of any collision.

4. Pipe Drawings and Isometrics

· Automatic generation of any pipe isometric.
· Manual edition of pipe isometrics.
· Material list of each pipe isometric.
· Automatic drawing of each section.
· 3D drawings.


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