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DFstruc is the vessel structure edition module. All the pieces from the vessel structure, including all its details and marks, can be obtained by means of this module.


3D structure model.DEFCAR system has in its database a detailed three-dimensional model of the vessel structure that, in this phase of the project, is being completted with each piece done with the DFstruc module. This module generates the pieces with regard to the previous definition done in DFSHELL and allows all the details that it needs for its total definition to be inserted.

Database management
The user can look up the database of pieces making use of selection filters like: block, thickness, kind of piece, etc. With just one "click" in the piece, the user can see it in the screen ("visual" consultings). In the same way, the user controls the pieces that still haven't been nested .

High productivity rates
DFstruc  automatically obtains the intersection between pieces, inserts slots produced by solder seams and the longitudinal and transversal slots asociated to the girders of shell and bulkheads, marks, etc. 

Many other details have been created as automatic functions for the insertion of holes, bracket generation, chamfers, etc... These automatisms (collected in icons on a toolbar), joined to the interactivity of the system, favour a substantial increase of the productivity working with this module. As a result the user obtains in the screen all the pieces complety defined with the minimum effort.

 Drawing editor
Besides obtaining vessel structure quartering, DFstruc works as a drawing editor: you can generate lines, polylines, arcs, moulding-batten, etc. You can also use typical functions of trimming, extending,mirror, fillet, etc. and you can make the typical cut, simetry, paste,... functions. 

The module has been equiped with powerful functions for pieces acotation, with the object of making easy the realization of assembly plans for slips, steelbook, etc.In the same way, this module can export and import geometry through DXF files. You can save in an especific database all the drawings generated with this module. If you look up this database, you have the chance of pre-displaying.



3D views generated by Dfstruc module


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