Defcar CAD/CAM system for shipdesign & shipbuilding

Best rate, best choice for shipyards and naval architects.
Many shipyards and technical offices are using the CAD/CAM solutions of Defcar Eng. for its design and production processes. From ship design to numerical control cutting, Defcar systems cover all aspects of the shipbuilding industry.
Over 300 ships designed and built with Defcar system

The 139.3 m in length Chemical Tanker "Botany Triumph", selected "Ship of the year" by The Naval Architect magazine. Built with Defcar by Juliana C.G. Shipyard.

The strongest escort tug of the world, fully designed and built with DEFCAR, by CN Santo Domingo shipyard.

In less than 3 hours, a single user can develop a 40 floor double bottom with all the holes, slots, stiffeners, intersection with girders, and the rest of associated information needed for the cutting. 
The experience of our clients
Start the cutting process of a 19.000 DWT Chemical Tanker only two months after the installation of the Defcar system at the shipyard. Juliana C.G. Shipyard.
Design and built more than 34 fishing vessels per year. At least 18 different. ARMON Shipyard.
Treble the productivity since the Defcar system installation. Montajes Cies.
Make the complete production process, including the nesting, in only 15 days, for a fishing vessel of Lpp=25m.
Cagiao Shipyard
DEFCAR system has been developed by Engineers and Naval Architects using the latest programming methods and taking advantage of the Microsoft Windows environment to create an user-friendly program.

DEFCAR system has ten years of experience, with continuous improvements and innovations. We have developed the software working very close to our clients, taking many suggestions and ideas from the technical staff of the shipyards, and testing them over more than 300 ships designed and built with DEFCAR.

Defcar system can be adapted to your special needs.

DEFCAR has been selected by many shipyards and technical offices after make a complete comparison with other  famous CAD/CAM systems of the market.

 The ship is defined using Bézier surfaces. A perfectly faired hull can be obtained in few hours with the hull design module.

The picture shows a 3D view of a bulb.
Hardware requirements
PC pentium 150 Mhz
SuperVGA screen
Windows 95
Version for networking available
  • Import/export files in DXF and IGES formats.
  • 3 months period of money back guarantee on production modules, 1 month on the rest.
  • Available in Spanish and English. 

Dealer enquiries welcome

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